6 New Plays Published

We are pleased to announce the publication of 6 new plays:

Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches by Tony Kushner
Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika by Tony Kushner
The Merit System by Edwin Sánchez
Oedipus the King by Sophocles, translated from the Greek by Laurence Senelick
Small Acts of Kindness by Sherry Kramer
What Did You Expect? by Richard Nelson


Everything Old is New Again: Tom Wilson Weinberg’s Get Used to It!

Before Orlando, this show meant something different. Before that tragedy, a mere two weeks ago — just two days after Rainbow Theatre Project opened Get Used to It! — it would have been easy to think of this 20-song revue as a quaint history lesson, a peek back at the political fights and personal communities of gay men in 1993 when AIDS was raging, Ellen was not yet out, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was freshly instituted.
Now, however, the view into the past is fractured. Tom Wilson…


Ludmilla Bollow’s The Woman with 27 Children Plays in Hong Kong

A cool poster image for Ludmilla Bollow’s The Woman with 27 Children which plays in Hong Kong this month at Sha Tin Town Hall.


DGF Video Interview with Tony Kushner

The Dramatists Guild Fund’s invaluable Legacy Project series of video interviews now includes an interview with BPPI author Tony Kushner, which was shared with us by Seth Cotterman, DGF’s Director of Marketing & Outreach.


Mac Wellman: An Outlier Tracing His Own Orbit

Senior editor of American Theatre Eliza Bent has just published a marvelous piece, with interview, on BPPI playwright Mac Wellman entitled “Mac Wellman: An Outlier Tracing His Own Orbit: How this dedicated follower of no fashion and avatar of alternatives to the well-made play keeps it weird.”


BPPI Author Winner of 2016 National Latino Playwriting Award

Congratulations to BPPI author Desi Moreno-Penson, winner of Arizona Theatre Company’s 2016 National Latino Playwriting Award for her play BEIGE.


8 New Plays Published

We are pleased to announce the publication of 8 new plays:

Harmless by Brett Neveu
Hungry by Richard Nelson
No Such Cold Thing by Naomi Wallace
Old Glory by Brett Neveu
Soldier’s Heart by Tammy Ryan
Student Body (College Edition) by Frank Winters
Student Body (High School Edition) by Frank Winters
Weapon of Mass Impact by Brett Neveu


7 New Plays Published

We are pleased to announce the publication of 7 new plays:

Alive and Well by Kenny Finkle
Amazing by Brooke Berman
Blissfield by Douglas Post
Brazil Fado by Megan Terry, directed and structured by Jo Ann Schmidman
Edwin Sánchez: The Short Plays by Edwin Sánchez
Now You See Me by Neal Bell


Angels in America: The Complete Oral History

Isaac Butler and Dan Kois have published a remarkable oral history in Slate of how Tony Kushner’s ANGELS IN AMERICA became “the defining work of American art of the past 25 years.”


Hunting and Gathering, Nearly a Decade Later

Recently I had the great pleasure of experiencing my play Hunting and Gathering at Rep Stage in Columbia, Maryland, ten years after I initially wrote it. It was great fun revisiting the source material as I’m currently married and raising a child, theoretically stable (although we did just move last summer), and in very different circumstances. Hunting and Gathering is a comedy about rootlessness, four characters who for different reasons are between housing options and figuring out their logistical and emotional/spiritual homes. When I wrote it, I myself was living in much this way. I’d been happily settled in…