The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic making live stage productions impossible in many places, we recognize that virtual performances may be the only way for you to mount productions right now. Virtual performance possibilities include 1) live video streaming, 2) recorded video streaming, 3) limited-audience live productions in conjunction with live video streaming, and 4) audio streaming. These streaming possibilities are available for many of the titles in our catalog. There are, however, some titles for which no streaming rights are available and other titles for which only live-streaming rights are available. Please use our Contact Us page to inquire about the streaming availability for a particular title before you apply for performance rights and indicate what kind of streaming performance rights you’re seeking.

Streaming Rights

If, in response to your inquiry, we confirm that the streaming rights you seek are available, you may then apply for a standard performance license via our Performance Rights page and use the streaming platform as the Venue information (e.g., Zoom, YouTube,, your website, etc.). After you have placed your order and received an order confirmation email, then simply hit Reply on your order confirmation email and request the streaming rights. You will then be sent an addendum to your performance license granting those rights.

You may also apply for live performance rights, and if it turns out that you will be unable to mount a live production, then, as above, simply hit Reply on your order confirmation email and request the streaming rights, and if possible we will send an addendum to your performance license granting those rights.

Streaming Terms and Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions in your performance license, the following terms and conditions apply to live-streamed performances:

  1. The live video stream must be password protected and invite only if no tickets will be sold or else made available to virtual ticket holders only. No freely accessible streams are allowed.
  2. In the case of a stream to virtual ticket holders, a statement of the gross virtual box office and 10% of that amount, net of any advance amount, is due within three days of the final performance consistent with the terms stated in the Performance License.
  3. No video or audio recording of the Play may be made without special written permission.
  4. No download button or any intentional way to download the audio or video of any performance as a file may be available. It’s understood that a browser will temporarily store the video in a local cache during a live stream.
  5. All required credits and billing in the Performance License are given in the video or immediately beneath the video, and credit is given to the author whenever and wherever the title of the Play appears.
  6. Either in the video or immediately beneath the video the following text legibly appears: “Produced by special arrangement with Broadway Play Publishing Inc, NYC,

In the case of special permission to stream a recorded performance, recorded streams must be treated like live streams with scheduled performances given on specific dates and times. Recordings may not be made available for download on demand. Following your closing date, no further use of the recording may be made without express written permission. All other relevant terms and conditions above continue to apply.

Streaming Platforms

We have no streaming platform preference. However, whichever platform you choose must allow you to adhere to the streaming terms and conditions above. Streaming productions have used Zoom, YouTube, and Vimeo with EventBrite for ticketing as well as BookTixShowShare, and ShowTix4U.

Fees and Other Questions

As both our professional and nonprofessional licensing fees are based on a calculated Advance Payment and a Final Payment, depending on gross box office, there is no change to our fees for streaming licenses. We encourage you to underestimate your anticipated audience for the calculated Advance Payment. Minimum per performance fees will still apply. For additional information on fees, please visit our Payments page.

If you have other questions, we encourage you to review our FAQs page. The majority of questions that might arise are answered there. If you have questions that are not answered by either the Payments page or the FAQs page, please feel encouraged to Contact Us.

For information on streaming performances, please visit our Pandemic page.