Standing Orders

Use the form below to join our Standing Orders program. Subscribers automatically receive copies of each new BPPI play when published at a 40% discount. In addition, our website recognizes logged-in Standing Orders subscribers and provides a 40% discount for all other book orders. All Standing Orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail. Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time.

To begin, if you do not already have a BPPI customer account, please Register, then return to this page to sign up. If you already have a customer account, please fill out the required fields below and submit. We will confirm with you when your Standing Orders account has been activated.

Standing Orders Sign Up

  • Enter the quantity of books you wish to receive for each publication.
    For example, if BPPI publishes 30 titles this year, and you enter 2, then you'll receive 60 books.
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