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NATIVE SPEECH by Eric Overmyer

In 1983 the manuscript for Eric Overmyer’s NATIVE SPEECH came into my possession by way of New York theater agent Steven Dansky. At the time Eric was a relatively unknown playwright. From page one the writing was startling, rich, and lyrical. Eric’s three-dimensional characters inhabited a dangerous world where language was both art and a weapon. The play was engrossing, impossible to put down, and I was thrilled to have discovered such an original voice. Not long after NATIVE SPEECH, Eric went on to write his amazingly inventive and ever-popular ON THE VERGE, and the rest is history. But NATIVE SPEECH does not belong in the shadow of ON THE VERGE. It is a fantastic play that deserves its own singular appreciation, and I’m pleased to here recommend it to you as the title for the inaugural Winter 2019 Publisher’s Spotlight.

—Christopher W D  Gould, Publisher

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    Eric Overmyer


    In a futuristic city, one man tells it like he sees it — Hungry Mother! He's the DJ with a strong pulse but a weak signal... [read more]

    Production Info

    Cast: 10 total (3 female, 7 male, multiethnic cast)
    Full Length Drama (about 120 minutes)
    Single Set
    Contemporary Costumes

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